MIMESIS × LOVE IS EVERYWHERE (2024) ---BOOTHにてCD及びデータ販売予定 ※2024-春M3にて先行販売

01.MIMESIS ▶歌詞
Vocal & Lyrics : lasah // Music, Chorus & Programming : はまたけし

Vocal & Lyrics : lasah // Music, Chorus & Programming : はまたけし

03.MIMESIS - Instrumental

04.LOVE_IS_EVERYWHERE - Instrumental

caturatri (2020) ---BOOTHにてデータ販売中

01.caturatri ▶歌詞
Composer : myu // Lyric : foolen // Chorus : コールケセンテ

02.caturatri off-Voice

OPHANIL (2014) ---BOOTHにてデータ販売中

01.Origin of Ophanim ▶歌詞
Composer : 西島尊大 // Vocal & Piano : 深水チエ // Lyric : foolen // Chorus : コールケセンテ

02.Ontology of Ruina ▶歌詞
Composer : 西島尊大 // Piano : 深水チエ // Lyric : foolen // Chorus : コールケセンテ

03.Opacity of Amor ▶歌詞
Composer : 西島尊大 // Vocal & Piano & Lyric : 深水チエ

04.Omneity of Requiem
Composer : 西島尊大

聖誕祭の朝、僕は王と対峙する (2012) ---BOOTHにてデータ販売中

01.Edge of the World/世界の果て(NEW HERO~新たな英雄)
Composer : Leggysalad

Kantokotor/天上の湖(NOWHERE~どこでもないところ) ▶歌詞
Composer : takezou (studio-kurage) // Vocal & Lyric : foolen

Inkar/眺望(WHERE NOW~ここからどこへ) ▶歌詞
Composer : takezou (studio-kurage) // Vocal & Lyric : 深水チエ

Rebirth/再誕(NOW HERE~今、ここ) - “Kantokotor” reconstructed ver
Arranger : Leggysalad // Vocal & Lyric : foolen



“KOSZONTO”is the creative project mainly composed of produce-type production operated by conductor Tow Yokohama.
We have an eye on making works “necessary of living” for receivers and operating gotten the trust of not only receivers and also creators.
The word“KOSZONTO”means a congratulatory address, felicitations, congratulations, a congratulatory song with Hungarian.
We prefix the word to the name of the project with wishing works from this project and all the people concerned much blessing.

The following is a diversion.

When I was a student, I used to go to the rooftop alone.
Buildings in the Yokohama are seen far away.
They are surrounded by forest, forest, forest.
Sometimes a plane draws a white line in the sky with a roar.
The melody in my ear colors the sky.
When I flew a kite, I felt very good.
In “KOSZONTO”something I want to do is the same as then.
Flying a kite in the rooftop.
I am very glad if I can fly a kite before the wind in safety.
We look forward to your continued acquaintance with“KOSZONTO.”

Conductor Ito Takumi